These drivers just don’t know.

Another day in Jacksonville and I lose count of all the people that simply do not understand driving, period. More importantly, somehow they have a driver’s license. Come on Florida, get it together. Hey, I’m guilty, I caused a small fender bender in my first year of driving by looking out the window at rush hour instead of looking in front of me, going about 10mph. No harm there, just an increased insurance rate that will soon be off the record and non-existent. I can only imagine the insurance problems that a fatal wreck could bring upon someone. In summary, this can all be avoided. Stop texting, first of all, it’s illegal, so technically, texting and driving makes you a criminal. How do you like the sound of that tag #criminal on your record. And no, it is Not something to boast about on Instagram, not even while you’re driving. #selfie #traffic #NOTCOOL

Lives are lost everyday because of simple mistakes made on the road, and someday it could be you. #advocate #bethechange