Never Ending Deflated Bike Tire

I have casually began riding my bike on a regular schedule again, in hopes to get back into shape from my high school years after spending a year away at college. I return home only to find my rusted out 70’s Beach Cruiser with two flats and dirt dried all over the frame of the bike. After a good scrubbin’, I hit the road with it back in the beginning of Summer, little did I know that the tire would soon become deflated maybe a mile down the road. So, of course, the obvious compromise is to just carry around my tire pump with me from now on. Getting a new tire, that’s for quitters. Get down there and just pump it up again! Free & 100% temporarily effective.


The birth of a star…

Welcome Earthlings. If you like space, then I like you. If you don’t like space, well then I still like you, just not you living in the same space as me. There is plenty of room for all of us in this vast universe though. Even if you are claustrophobic, there is still more space.¬†Don’t worry.

This blog will be a tasteful variety of things that pop into my brain at times. I study Astrophysics and Astronomy, with a side of Computational Mathematics and some Arts when I can fit them in. I think they call that a “Jack of All Trades”, but let’s just refer to it as “exploring”. I have an inner desire to write, regardless of my STEM affairs. Your feedback is always welcome. This is my first blog experience, and I am eager to begin the blogging journey with you.

I guess the goal of this particular blog is to not be set on one particular goal. Consistently and creatively writing about the same topic everyday; where is the fun in that? If I want to tell you that I had meatballs for dinner, or my grandma got ran over by a reindeer, then you’ll hear it. That’s all for now.