Independence Day in America

I sit here cat-sitting for my former boss and family friend; it is the evening of Independence Day. The cat is taking in the fireworks, I think. She is older and harder of hearing, so fortunately, they are not sending her into a panic attack this evening. On a side-note, I recently changed my iMessage ringtone and just didn’t recognize it just now. It kept going off and I kept hustling back to the door thinking the doorbell was ringing and ringing. Little did I know, I wasn’t being ding-dong-ditched. It was my iPad sitting on the furniture next to me. Getting to the point: When you change your ringtone, remember what it sounds like.

Independence Day


Never Ending Deflated Bike Tire

I have casually began riding my bike on a regular schedule again, in hopes to get back into shape from my high school years after spending a year away at college. I return home only to find my rusted out 70’s Beach Cruiser with two flats and dirt dried all over the frame of the bike. After a good scrubbin’, I hit the road with it back in the beginning of Summer, little did I know that the tire would soon become deflated maybe a mile down the road. So, of course, the obvious compromise is to just carry around my tire pump with me from now on. Getting a new tire, that’s for quitters. Get down there and just pump it up again! Free & 100% temporarily effective.