Mass suggestion: A way to save the world? 


Psychological research has had a tendency to study negative effects of behavior both on the individual and cultural levels. The recent years, however has started to focus more on what makes something work. I like this shift, as I think it will be more effective for society as a whole. A TED talk I watched, for example, was about scientists interested in studying genetic superhumans. That is, people with genetic ‘flaws’ that has proven to give these people abilities normal peple don’t have. By getting more knowledge about these ‘superhumans’ we are also a step closer to knowing what environmental, psychological and biological factors contribute to their genetic make-up.

Mass suggestion

If we are in a huge mass, we are all inclined to think the same thoughts as the mob, and to have the same emotions aroused within us as sway the masses of the people. It is difficult for…

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