Reprogramming my inner computer 


Our mind is a wonderful mystery. We still know so little about it, even if we slowly are starting to reveal its secrets. Normally it works effectively, like a brand new computer, but sometimes it stops working. In a computer, programming mistakes slow an a otherwise perfect system. When that happens, the programmer must find the mistake and fix it. When he does, the computer must be left in peace. The programmer must focus must be on one issue at a time. If the programmer is exhausted, it will take longer time before he can do his job.

Our body is a fine-tune system perfected through evolution. When something goes wrong, we notice it immediately. Genetic abnormalities or disarray in the brain can manifest itself in many forms. When our body produce problems for us, we try to fix it. Sometimes we manage to do this by ourselves, by doing…

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Mass suggestion: A way to save the world? 


Psychological research has had a tendency to study negative effects of behavior both on the individual and cultural levels. The recent years, however has started to focus more on what makes something work. I like this shift, as I think it will be more effective for society as a whole. A TED talk I watched, for example, was about scientists interested in studying genetic superhumans. That is, people with genetic ‘flaws’ that has proven to give these people abilities normal peple don’t have. By getting more knowledge about these ‘superhumans’ we are also a step closer to knowing what environmental, psychological and biological factors contribute to their genetic make-up.

Mass suggestion

If we are in a huge mass, we are all inclined to think the same thoughts as the mob, and to have the same emotions aroused within us as sway the masses of the people. It is difficult for…

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Part of Nature by Stuart Mcmillen

Wonders for the mind, reality for the dreamers.


Part of Nature cartoon

This cartoon is heavily influenced by the books Natural CapitalismPaul Hawken, Amory Lovins and Hunter Lovins (1999) and Mid-Course CorrectionRay Anderson (1998). It is also in the same vein as the flash animation “The Story of Stuff” by Annie Leonard, which I watched when I was about 90% of the way through the drawing process.

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Employee Evaluations: Benefiting the Workforce

There is a universal dislike towards employee evaluations by both supervisors and employees. However, let’s focus on why these evaluations are better than some think.

The goals of a performance evaluation are to understand the employee’s personal goals while at the company, and how they feel they are contributing in some way. Many companies seek organization-wide improvement, which can spawn from acting on employee evaluations. For an employee to actually write down and plan out there goals verbally takes them one step closer to reaching those goals. It is the same methodology that counselors sometimes use when helping out troubled minds; writing down things on their mind can help get past them or eventually move on in some cases.

Benefiting from employee evaluations does not necessarily mean not having to do any dirty work. Many times business have to instill great faith in their employees to do their job correctly and efficiently. By learning about your employee’s habits, strengths, and weaknesses, you can place them in a work area that is more convenient to their skill set; ultimately making your company more profitable. When employee evaluations come back positively, then you, as an employer or CEO, will know which employees are worth your time and money to keep around, or to invest in more. Using evaluations as a reliable source of feedback on employees can help my cuts where things are slacking or under performing in the company. This method to employee evaluation feedback can work for many types of companies from restaurants, retail, to medical facilities and churches.

Some may argue their dislike towards employee evaluations resulting from the downside of them, however the benefits often outweigh the bad consequences. To better the individual employee, their career can become more developed while receiving feedback from evaluations, and they can see how they can personally improve and make changes to that. Employee evaluations can provide ways for an employer to provide an incentive or recognition program for those employees going above and beyond. It lets them know that their employer cares about the work that they put in at their job. Some arguments have been made stating that employee evals are one-sided or bias. If done incorrectly and informally, this could very well be the case. Employee evaluations can in fact be two-sided, provided employers allow employees to provide feedback on their job experience or any concerns they have in their work.

For the employer’s sake, doing these evaluations allows time for them to really sit down and see where the company could improve. Evaluation interviews with employees are often the only one-on-one time that workers can get with their overseer of business. It helps the employer learn more about their employees and vice versa. One good example of this in reality is based on the TV series Undercover Boss. However, this involves the head of the corporation getting down to the lower level work of his base employees that really show the public what their company is all about. Throughout the episodes, the CEO eventually learns about certain employees and evaluates their work ethic, either praising them or sometimes terminating them due to their lack of effort or bad fit in the company.

In summary, employees gain access to motivation, satisfactory responses, more training and skills development, recruitment for other possible job opportunities that may be a better fit, and an overall evaluation of the employee they are. Many organizations assume evaluations to be their right and duty as a company. Doing evaluations the improper way can sometimes dehumanize the relationship between employer and employee and cause distress in that aspect as well, which is not healthy for achieving good employees and good feedback. By doing evaluations open minded and willing to make changes for the better of the whole company, they can provide excellent results. Reaching a middle ground where companies evaluate employees objectively, however also seek to develop them more is a good compromise to make. Companies should strive to make performance appraisal not appear to be a “Judgement Day”, and instead look at the overall event as an opportunity to better everyone.  Performing evaluations on a scheduled occurrence can also provide timely feedback to a company on how there performance is lasting or fading and in what areas and what employees may be the culprit. It is my advice to a supervisor performing evaluations to have the best interest for the company in mind while also striving to see how the employees can be transformed even more to make a difference or have a good effect on the company. In the long run, performing these evaluations regularly can only do good to a company. Keeping employees motivated and involved in the company’s goals also keeps the supervisor in approval with their performance. I’d keep that in mind, too.

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YANSS 051 – How Google uses behavioral science to make work suck less

You Are Not So Smart

From Dilbert to Fight Club to Joe Versus the Volcano, the world of white-collar drones and managerial ineptitude has long been a goldmine for parody.

The soul-sucking details are so ubiquitous and familiar that in addition to the British and the American versions of The Office, there are also versions in Chile, France, Germany, Israel and Sweden – there’s even a version just for French-Canadians. Each is shades apart, reflecting the differences in culture, but each is also broadly similar in making light of the drudgery and silliness that comes from spending your waking hours hovering near a computer and taking your lunch at your desk.

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How Did Pluto Get Its Spots?

Lights in the Dark

Color image of Pluto and Charon from June 27, 2015 (NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute)Color image of Pluto and Charon from June 27, 2015 (NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute)

As New Horizons continues to close the gap between itself and Pluto more details are being revealed in images of the planet and its (comparatively) giant moon. Some of the latest images are showing some particularly intriguing features just below Pluto’s equator: a row of somewhat evenly-spaced dark spots, each about 300 miles (480 km) wide.

The New Horizons team combined black-and-white images of Pluto and Charon from the spacecraft’s Long-Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) with lower-resolution color data from the Ralph instrument to produce the image above.

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Ten ways to feel better when depressed

For those that are down and need a picker upper.


Depression is like a heavy, black blanket where no light comes in. It is hard to breathe, as if someone put a candle inside a glass-jar with no oxygen. It is even hard to see any light, any hope as the blackness surrounding you hides what could have been positive and uplifting. Luckily, there are ways to throw the blanket away, even if it`s heavy and you feel like the energy to lift it just isn`t there. Here are ten things you can do if you feel depressed or hopeless.

  1. Try to figure out what used to make it happy. Write it down and read it when you feel sad. Try to do some of the things that were good for you before you got depressed. This can be small things, like eating something you like. For someone it can be meeting a trusted friend, or playing your favorite music
  2. Find…

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These drivers just don’t know.

Another day in Jacksonville and I lose count of all the people that simply do not understand driving, period. More importantly, somehow they have a driver’s license. Come on Florida, get it together. Hey, I’m guilty, I caused a small fender bender in my first year of driving by looking out the window at rush hour instead of looking in front of me, going about 10mph. No harm there, just an increased insurance rate that will soon be off the record and non-existent. I can only imagine the insurance problems that a fatal wreck could bring upon someone. In summary, this can all be avoided. Stop texting, first of all, it’s illegal, so technically, texting and driving makes you a criminal. How do you like the sound of that tag #criminal on your record. And no, it is Not something to boast about on Instagram, not even while you’re driving. #selfie #traffic #NOTCOOL

Lives are lost everyday because of simple mistakes made on the road, and someday it could be you. #advocate #bethechange

Independence Day in America

I sit here cat-sitting for my former boss and family friend; it is the evening of Independence Day. The cat is taking in the fireworks, I think. She is older and harder of hearing, so fortunately, they are not sending her into a panic attack this evening. On a side-note, I recently changed my iMessage ringtone and just didn’t recognize it just now. It kept going off and I kept hustling back to the door thinking the doorbell was ringing and ringing. Little did I know, I wasn’t being ding-dong-ditched. It was my iPad sitting on the furniture next to me. Getting to the point: When you change your ringtone, remember what it sounds like.

Independence Day

Are You Ready For Pluto?

New endeavors in space and beyond, with good ole’ friend Pluto.

Lights in the Dark

Pluto and Charon as seen by New Horizons' LORRI camera on June 25, 2015 Pluto and Charon as seen by New Horizons’ LORRI camera on June 25, 2015 (NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute)

New Horizons sure is! With just over two weeks to go before the first-ever (and I repeat: EVER!) visit to Pluto and its family of moons the excitement has really ramped up exponentially, especially considering the increasingly detailed views of Pluto and Charon that the spacecraft has been capturing on approach. No longer just a couple of bright pixels against a background of stars, the two worlds now show actual detail that can be easily discerned. In other words, things are getting REAL!

It’s only going to be getting better from here – and quickly. As Principal Investigator Dr. Alan Stern said, “There’s only one Pluto flyby planned in all of history, and it’s happening next month!”

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